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In March 2017, Ally wrote an article for Broadcast about diversity portrayal in the media industry.


Let's Take Diversity To The Next Level


Targets and initiatives are all very well, but authentic stories are key, argues Ally Castle.  


With the BBC having exceeded various employee targets and Channel 4 announcing yet more on- and off-screen initiative as part of its 360 Diversity Charter there have been encouraging signs that the industry is tackling diversity.

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In Spring 2015, Ally wrote about how strategic thinking can help creativity to flourish, for Broadcast.


Strategic Thinking Doesn't Mean

Stifling Creativity

BBC is right to analyse daily ratings to help with commissioning, says Ally Castle.  


The BBC's plan to provide more detailed daily ratings reports raises the question of if and how the magic of creativity can be shaped by rational thinking and objective information.  The ambition to embed the new data in regular editorial conversations will be a relief to some and an anathema to others.

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In May 2017, Ally began a series of articles about creativity in a community publication in The Cotswolds.


To create is to be human


How creativity is the difference between surviving and living, giving us purpose and focus, and building our relationships. 


Encouraging readers to explore their creativity, doing something they've never done before, looking at something differently or answering a problem in a new way.  ​"Let's be human.  Let's connect.  Let's create"

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